Because the Auditor’s Office Protects You!

Hi, I am Jeff Hatch and welcome to our Salt Lake County Auditor campaign website!  It is exciting to be running again for Salt Lake County Auditor, a position where I made major strides working with Mayor Peter Corroon and the County Council to update the financial and tax computer system, enhanced the Internal Audit function to reduce risk of loss and ensure taxpayer money wasn’t wasted.

Since I left office, the current Auditor dropped many of the advanced Audit techniques for protecting security over County computer systems and privacy of individual information.  When I take back the Auditor’s office, I will restore these techniques and expand the use of audits to improve management efficiency and performance. Numbers don’t have party lines, my commitment is to you, and to the financial stability of our County.  Through Leadership and Teamwork with County elected officials and managers, we can reduce risk of loss and promote efficiency Countywide.

As you visit our website, you can learn more about me by visiting About Jeff, look at my supporters on the Endorsement page, see current news and letters of support at Press and Contact me with questions or opportunities to volunteer your help. You can also visit my Facebook page, there you will find the latest updates of my campaign to serve you as Auditor.

Thank you,

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The four years of Democrat Jeff Hatch’s term in the county auditor’s office seemed like a welcome break in the heavy weather that has rattled that office under Republicans elected before and after Hatch’s time there.

Rolly column: Democrats prove their worth in Salt Lake County - Salt Lake Tribune, Apr 28, 2013

The only elected county auditor over the past 36 years who avoided controversy was Democrat Jeff Hatch. He served one term before being defeated in 2010 by Hawkins because, well, Hatch is a member of that tax-and-spend Democratic Party.


County Auditors have a Colorful History - Salt Lake Tribune, Jan 7, 2012 Paul Rolly


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Campaigns are all about contacting voters, we need volunteers to help Jeff win in November.  There are multiple ways to volunteer, some opportunities involve walking, calling, placing signs, and staffing a booth. Everybody can help.